Cranberry Lake Mountaineers  
St. Lawrence County Map  

**Any trail closings or shared trails are subject to change at any time
due to landowners' or loggers' decisions**

If you are riding, please, for your safety, review the logging map below. Some trails are closed for logging, but are not marked as closed yet. Signing simply may not have been completed everywhere yet. If an area is plowed (not groomed... plowed), there is logging going on on that trail.
The map below is current through                     .

The Ranger School in Wanakena has closed access to the setback water crossing from C8 to Ranger School Road near Pinecone Grill. There is trail access approximately ¼ mile east to Ranger School Rd. Snow fencing that was in place was cut, so the school has dropped trees in the trail.

The trail behind Cranberry Lake Fire Department is CLOSED.

The following trails will be CLOSED or SHARED due to logging this season (2018-2019):

The Tooley Pond Trails are CLMSC trails. The others are not, but the information is important.

There are currently four trails closed due to active logging operations: 
> S80 (Railroad Grade and the Lake George Haul Road) on the Tooley Pond Conservation Easement. This trail is closed from intersection 33 to the Lake George Road.

> Trail 710 (New Bridge Connector Road) will be shared with logging trucks between intersections 33 and 34. DEC and Molpus has hung closure signs at appropriate intersections.

> S80A and S80B (Slouch Pond Road, Second Brook Road and the Ticket Trail) located on the Tooley Pond and Grass River Conservation Easements. DEC and Molpus has hung closure signs at appropriate intersections.

> S78 (Grass River Railroad) located in the Cranberry Lake Wild Forest as well as private land (Molpus). This trail is closed from intersection 2 to Conifer. DEC has moved the trail closed signs from C7A to S78
(near intersection 2). There is a “No Snowmobiling on Plowed Road” sign located at the Conifer end. There is an active logging operation that is close to be completed and another one that will be starting-up in the near future.

At this time there are plans to start logging operations in the future in two locations:
> Near John Deere Corners (Conifer-Emporium Conservation Easement) and Cayey Road (Grass River Conservation Easement). Trails effected by these operations are currently open and will be closed and/or shared when appropriate.

> The logging contractor has plowed the Frohn Road (717 & 718 between intersections 216 and 13) and a portion of the Brandy Brook Haul Road (S88 between intersection 13 and 213). The logging contractor plans to continue plowing these roads, but they are still currently open.

2018-2019 Map
through Mid-January 2019