Cranberry Lake Mountaineers  
St. Lawrence County Map  

**Any trail closings or shared trails are subject to change at any time due to landowners' or loggers' decisions**

If you are riding, please, for your safety, review the logging map below. Some trails are closed for logging, but are not marked as closed yet. Signing simply may not have been completed everywhere yet. If an area is plowed (not groomed... plowed), there is logging going on on that trail.
The map below is current through mid-January 2018.

The Ranger School in Wanakena has closed access to the setback water crossing from C8 to Ranger School Road near Pinecone Grill. There is trail access approximately ¼ mile east to Ranger School Rd. Snow fencing that was in place was cut, so the school has dropped trees in the trail.

The trail behind Cranberry Lake Fire Department is CLOSED.

The following trails will be CLOSED or SHARED due to logging this season (2017-2018).

*Cranberry and Shurtleff’s*
C8 Buckhorn from Jct 29 to S88A (CLOSED)
S88A Jct 25 to Jct 226 at Hwy Rt 3 (CLOSED)
S88 Jct 206 to 26 to 27 (CLOSED)

*Cranberry and Clare*
S81 Spruce Mtn Jct 23 Tooley Pond Rd to Spruce Mountain Club Trail (CLOSED)
S81 From Spruce Mtn Club Trail over bridge to Jct 37 (SHARED)

*Clare and Degrasse*
Club Trail 703 Carpenter Brook (CLOSED)
S80A Slouch Pond (CLOSED)
S80B Ticket Trail (CLOSED)

*Colton and Shurtleff’s*
C7A Jct 59 and Jct 55 logging on edge of trail between Little Blue and Sevey’s Point Lodge (OPEN FOR NOW - WILL BE CLOSING - WATCH SIGNS!)
C7A from Sevey’s Lodge Jct 55 to Jct 30 parking area on Rt 56 (CLOSED)


*Conifer and Childwold*
S78-Jct 2 to 17 (SHARED)
C7A Jct 2 to Jct 3 (SHARED)
S88 Jct 3 to Jct 13 (SHARED)

*Conifer and Tupper*
Club Trail 715 Jct STLA101 to 102 complete loop and to FRAN 103 PER LAND OWNER (CLOSED)
2017-2018 Trail Closure Map
Mid-January to ?