Cranberry Lake Mountaineers
Trail Conditions

Trails Report updated 3/25/2017  See all below

DEC Ice and Lakes Statement 3/15/17

Ice Conditions

Ice had thinned, weakened, and receded from inlets, outlets and shorelines before the recent period of sub-zero temperatures.
Ice has only recently formed and is thin on many waters, even though they may be covered in snow the following areas should be avoided.
Over or near moving water such as rivers, streams, and channels;
Near any open water;
Near shorelines;
Near inlets and outlet;
Near boathouses & docks; and
Near "bubblers" or other ice prevention devices.
Ice that can hold snow may not hold the weight of a person!
No ice should be considered safe without checking the thickness and condition!
Be safe on the ice.

3/25/2017: Due to Spring conditions and lack of snow DEC will be closing all its gates on Monday, March 27, 2017. As previously stated by SLCSA all trails will close as well.

3/22/17: I rode some of our trails today and we have quite an assortment of conditions ! C7A out of Shurtleff's was thin and a little gravely in spots. From junction 27 on into Seveys Point a little better. S88 to Main Haul road was good with some bare spots. Main Haul Road was the same. S81 was very good from Main Haul road to Tooley pond road except for the Spruce Mountain logging section which was on the rough side. Tooley pond road had the edges cut and rideable to Windfall. NO GROOMERS WERE OUT.

Conditions:  Poor

New Snow: 0 "

Total Ground: 6"

Trail base    0 - 4"